The core age range of Company Section is from 11 to 15 years (from 10½ years in Scotland).

The Programme

This age group has its own programme called ‘Discover’ based on three areas; community, recreation and skills. Young people get the chance to develop existing skills and learn new ones, through a fun, balanced and challenging programme of activities. Young people are encouraged to have a say and help shape their own programme. They can get involved in anything from helping others in their local community to playing sports, trying out adventure activities or being creative through dance or art – there’s something for everyone! There are also opportunities to go away on camps and residentials, which are often the highlights in the annual programme.


Throughout their time in this age group young people can gain badges and recognition for their participation in the programme. There’s also an opportunity for young people to start out on working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Gaisce in Republic of Ireland) and within the BB to culminate in being awarded their President’s Badge.


The Uniform

Young people wear a core uniform which can either consist of a blue polo shirt and navy blue sweatshirt or blue shirt & tie. Also members usually wear school trousers and footwear as part of the uniform, but check with your local group. Where do the badges go? You can find a diagram showing the positions of badges for this age group below.


Safe & caring

All our adult volunteers undertake a disclosure (criminal records) check as part of their registration with The Boys’ Brigade, and are trained to provide a safe and caring environment for all children.


What it costs

Most groups charge a subscription which may be collected weekly, termly or annually and will usually be around £2-£3 per week. This said, we don’t want any child to miss out because of cost, so if you have any concerns about finance please speak to a leader in the local group in confidence about this.


How do I join?

The best way to get involved is to find your local group (also known as a ‘Company’) by using our ‘Companies’ page at the bottom of this page is a map showing locations of our companies.

You can also get in touch by completing the online contact form or just pop along on the day and time which the group meets.

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