New Maps component

"Find companies near you" The maps engine has been replaced, you can now enter a location (or use geo-location on your mobile device) and it will list all companies starting with the closest first.

Trophy Pictures

Under the "Competitions" menu/page there is a new page entitled "Trophy Holders" this as well as shoing which company currently holds which trophy there images of the trophies for easier identification.

Event location/host

Upcoming events in the next 30 days at the bottom of the homepage now shows host/location.

Website Login Request form

The login menu on the right hand side now has a link to a form for staff to request a login to the website, staff will need to provide thier officer number.

New Module

At the bottom right there is a new "About Us" module, with a link to the bio about the battalion and also a link to a list of new features etc on the site.