New Maps component

"Find companies near you" The maps engine has been replaced, you can now enter a location (or use geo-location on your mobile device) and it will list all companies starting with the closest first.

Event location/host

Upcoming events in the next 30 days at the bottom of the homepage now shows host/location.

Website Login Request form

The login menu on the right hand side now has a link to a form for staff to request a login to the website, staff will need to provide thier officer number.

New Module

At the bottom right there is a new "About Us" module, with a link to the bio about the battalion and also a link to a list of new features etc on the site.

  • (2017/01/18) - Competitions Rule book added to the Competitions drop down menu
  • (2016/10/12) - menus open when hovered over to show some extra links, clicking the main menu button rather than a sub button still works (this hover over menu popup is unlikely to work on mobile)
  • (2016/10/05) - Contact us for now has ability to attach multiple files as long as no single file is larger then 2MB
  • The Dates For Diary page show events coming up in the next year
  • Clicking on events to bring up details there is an icon () with which to export the details of the event to ical files (suitable for adding to Outlook) or exporting to Google & Yahoo calendars
  • We can have different levels of access, e.g. Executive and Officer
  • At present Staff events are only visible on the calendar if you log in
  • At the bottom of the Home page is a list of events in the next 30 days